39th Annual PURC Conference – Utility Policy Today: Do We Have Strategies or Just Tactics

When: 15 Feb 2012 – 16 Feb 2012

Venue: Gainesville, Florida USA

Region: USA

Organizer: PURC

Contact: PURC

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Strategy is a plan to achieve a goal, but what if the goals are still under debate or keep changing? Can regulators, utility professionals, and stakeholders formulate strategies, or are they reduced to tactics while policymakers debate? As PURC enters its 40th year of serving Florida, utility regulation remains a controversial and complex topic. This year’s conference addresses key issues facing utilities, their regulators, and their customers:

– What are the ongoing battles (or disagreements) in energy, telecommunications, and water?
– Are the battles needed or are they merely legacies from previous eras?
– Are there new technologies, social developments, and information that decision-makers need to consider so debates can be fact-based?
– Are public priorities based on realistic views regarding what is possible?

The 39th Annual PURC Conference will explore whether the goals of regulators and executives are fundamentally consistent and whether achieving them is actually feasible. Speakers will examine the extent to which public policy ignores trade-offs among legitimate objectives. Sessions will explore how decision-makers who determine infrastructure performance can design strategies and develop coherent tactics that lead to outcomes citizens desire. Please make plans to join us.